Pina Santoro Ellwood

pina_bioPina Santoro Ellwood will build the set for Moving Dreams.

Born to Sicilian Immigrant parents in Peterborough UK, Pina is a graduate of The Cambridge School of Art (2006) and Chelsea College of Art (2013) and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Pina’s recent shows include ‘Casimine’ Biennale Trapani, ‘Grapevine’ Arts Festival, Grapevine‘

Italian Festival’ ‘Unspoken’ ‘The Yarrow Gallery, and ‘Suri Suri’ at The City Gallery, Peterborough.In 2011 Pina’s ‘Petit Dames‘ was selected for exhibition at The Louvre in Paris.The recognition of these works led to further awards, residences and commissions in a wide range of commercial, public and artist-led spaces.Pina runs Fig Tree Art Studio workshops where she aims to take a little piece of her studio to the classroom. She teaches in schools, colleges, community outreach programmes and has had residencies in Sicily, Cyprus and UK including Southwold Beach Huts, Suffolk and a residency at Porthmeor Studios in St Ives, Cornwall.