Ida Casilli

Ida Casilli. London ©Chiara Ceolin

MA Applied Theatre: Drama in Educational, Community & Social Contexts Goldsmiths University, London

BA (Hons) Literature, Music and Performing Arts and MA Performing Arts (Theatre Directing, Distinction) Sapienza University, Rome

Ida trained as actress and theatre director in Rome and London. She has been acting, singing and performing since she was 15 and never left the arts, as this is where her heart belongs. Ida worked as performer, director, teacher, festival producer and project manager in Italy, Portugal and the UK for over 10 years.

Since moving to London in 2010, Ida has worked it the arts in a number of guises ­workshop leading, drama teaching, fundraising, managing events/projects, marketing planning­ for many different venues and companies.

As a freelance director and facilitator, she has worked with Capital Age Festival, Entelechy Arts, Magic Me (Week End at Wilton’s), Peckham Shed, Panic Theatre (Pentimento), Claremont Project/ Angel Players (writer and director – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, At the Bus Stop-Waiting), Spare Tyre Theatre Company (Still Life Dreaming), Stone Crabs Theatre (Brasiliance).

As part of her training, Ida studied Puppetry and Stage Management at Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente in Coimbra. She worked as drama teacher, facilitator and storyteller for world known Italian children theatre company ‘Teatro Verde’ and ‘Ruotalibera Teatro-Centrale Preneste’.

She is also creative associate of Stream Lyric Theatre Company, a company who specializes in using new writings and poetry to address social topics. Her work with Stream Lyric includes co-directing and producing of ‘MENTAL Play’.

Ida is leading on educational and community projects on a national and international scale, working with a number of Asian, South American and Italian community in UK. She is firmly convinced of the power of theatre and the arts to create social change.