2016-2020 A long creative adventure

In March 2020, the Migration and Stereotypes in Performance and Culture by Yana Meerzon, David Dean and Daniel McNeil was finally published by Palgrave MacMillan.

This book is an interdisciplinary collection of essays that delves beneath the media headlines about the “migration crisis”, Brexit, Trump and similar events and spectacles that have been linked to the intensification and proliferation of stereotypes about migrants since 2015.  

The experience of writing a paper and presenting it to a curious international audience at a conference in Ottawa was an incredible experience. I am so grateful to the team of editors for believing in the project, to my funders and mentors for being so incredibly supportive, to those who have challenged myself and the project, for making it grow and touch more and more people.

So much has changed in my professional life, so I haven’t had enough time to develop the project further. However, we have been asked to create a 15 minutes of the project for the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival. The new version will feature stories from the Scottish Italian community of Edinburgh and some actors from ContrastInFusion Lab. Check this space to hear more about it.

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